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Hafez Baft Company

BCF Yarn Manufacturer and Supplier, of All Kinds.

Hafez Baft Products

The Best Quality BCF Yarn

BCF Yarn with the best quality are manufactured from 1300 to 2800 denier in different colours.

Coding BCF Yarn

Coding BCF Yarn have 12 knots on each cone.

Dichroic Yarn

Dichroic yarn is created during the colour transformation of the yarn.

PP Masterbatch

PP Masterbatch or the BCF Yarn’s pigment is in fact the yarn’s colour.

BCF Yarn

BCF stands for Bulked Continuous Filament is known to be a bulked filament with a melt spinning process. The reason for labelling BCF yarn as “bulked” is its high denier (grade) and mingles. Considering the Polypropylene (PP) ingredients of this yarn, on the other hand, people would call it PP yarn in the Persian market. Polypropylene granules are the primary material for this yarn. Mixing it with masterbatch pigments with polypropylene base is the combo for BCF yarn. Also, due to the texturizing actions in manufacturing BCF yarn, it is named the Polypropylene textured in yarn-manufacturing literature.

Desirable BCF Yarn


Mingle is a process through which the yarn is shocked with a wind pressure. You can see the bulky and smooth texture of BCF yarn resulting from the shocks within specific intervals.

Appropriate Tenacity

The yarn’s tenacity shall differ according to its different functions. Although the yarn should have an acceptable tenacity, it shouldn’t be o resilient, which shall end up tearing while using.

Solid Colour

The solidity of the colour is the most external characteristic of the BCF yarn, which means not causing disharmonious in the texture the yarn is used.

The Yarn’s Spin Finish

Spin finish or the BCF yarn’s oil prevents the yarn’s dryness and is the auxiliary yarn polish. Plus, it is the third component of the yarn’s manufacturing materials.

The Characteristics of Hafez Baft Manufacturing Company

Hafez Baft BCF Packaging

Our packaging is done as a bag of six cones with an average weight of 35 kilograms. In the case of codding yarns, the loads shall be packed with up to ten cones, and the current average weight for it in Hafez Baft is 42 kilograms.

Hafez Baft BCF Colouring

White, black, and cream are the recurring colours in ten days, and green, blue, brown, gold, orange and yellow would be repeated each month. You can order other colours; however, remember that the minimum order for special colours is six tons.

Hafez Baft BCF Capacity

The capacity for manufacturing BCF yarn is 15 tons every day, which highly depends on the denier of the manufactured yarn. In the case of manufacturing with a denier of 2200, the capacity shall be 15 tons a day. On the other hand, manufacturing with a denier of 1500, the capacity would reduce to 10 tons a day.

Hafez aft BCF Denier

Our yarn denier or grade supports 1300-2800, and our customized deniers are 1500, 1550, 2200. You can order other deniers out of this range; however, the minimum of your order must be six tons.